Nightvision, full spectrum and infrared cameras and camcorders,
paranormal meters, trigger devices and IR illumination.

Build Your own DIY Ghost Box Sweep Radio Tutorial


In this demo we will show you how to build a simple yet effective sweep radio.

  • Sweeps the FM band between 88-108MHZ
  • The ability to sweep up or down
  • Adjustable Sweep Speed
  • Volume Control
  • Include White Noise Between Steps

If you would like to buy the components in kit form they can be found the Spirit Box section of our shop at







The youtube movie above shows how to connect the circuitry and operate the sweep direction and rate.

This provides a great solution for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, a very effective FM sweep radio that can

easily be accommodated into a small project box or even an antique radio.


We also sell reverb circuits and amplfiers should you wish to create your own spirit portal.


Ghostly Goings On

Ghostly Goings On


Established in 2012 and based in Gloucestershire, Ghostly Goings On have held over three hundred public ghost hunting nights around the UK.

Ghostly Goings On offer a wide variety of ghost hunting events, from overnight investigations, spooky sleepovers to private and corporate paranormal events.

Working alongside the Ghostly Goings On team, you will get to take part in experiments such as  Ouija Board, Table Tipping & Glass Divination. You will also have full access to our vast array of ghost hunting equipment including Spirit Boxes, Motion Sensor Lights, REM Pods, Static Detectors, and Motion Sensor Cameras.

The team pride themselves on giving you an honest and genuine paranormal investigation experience. From haunted jails and mansions to chilling castles and asylums, we have locations that will send shivers down the spines of even the most daring of guests.

So if you’re looking to spend the night investigating some of the countries most haunted locations, you’ve most certainly come to the right place.

Why not take a look at our upcoming events and let us take you on a journey into the unknown.

Be my Bear and Infraready Ghost Hunting Bears

Be my Bear and Infraready collaborate to supply ghost hunting trigger bears to the Paranormal community


Ghost hunting bears and equipment

Award-winning teddy bear company Be My Bear have joined the spook search with a new contract supplying bears to paranormal investigators exploring the unknown.

The Mochdre based business was approached by who sell night vision camcorders, trigger devices and paranormal meters to detect things that go bump in the night.

And Be My Bear, who are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the make-a-bear concept to the gift and party market, sell a range of teds with a concealed opening making it an ideal product for the ghost hunters.

Andy Bailey of Leicestershire based Infraready explained that they install an LED circuit inside the bear which can then be used by ghost-hunters searching for supporting evidence in their spooky investigations or by mediums at séances.

“Techniques can be used to ask spirits to activate or deactivate the LEDs,” he said. “The red LED indicates a negative field while the green indicates a positive field suggesting paranormal presence. You may find cold or hot spots in a room which may be indicative of something trying to make contact”.

Be My Bear director Pippa Thomas said that ghost-busting was a first for the company which has supplied bears for a broad range of markets from birthday party events to pregnancy scans over the past 17 years.

“We have supplied teds to Hollyoaks who were developing a storyline requiring spy camera bears and bears to the X-Factor candidates who were set a challenge of making their own, but now we’re really getting into the spirit of things !”


The Best bears for ghost hunters can be found at



Many sellers have started to copy our bears, it’s good to see them souring the skins from be my bear!  The circuits we use however are more advanced and in the case of the EMF Bear, genuine KII circuits are always used and no compromise on quality is made. 

Andy- #InfrareadyUK 

Possibly the largest Ghost Hunting Equipment Store in the World!

Ghost hunting equipment store uk us world tv

Ghost hunting equipment is our business. have become one, if not the most well known names in the business. Over the last 8 years, we have traded as a limited company offering not only quality products, experience and knowledge but security and leave of mind to our customers no matter what they order. We have a wealth or knowledge within the field and have close contacts in the Paranormal circle and media around the globe. All of our products are tried and tested in the field before we sell them, ensuring the equipment you purchase is reliable and fit for purpose.

Thanks. Andy Bailey. Director of Infraready Ltd /

Ghost Hunting Equipment Store online


Infraready are one of the largest and most established supplier of ghost hunting equipment to ghost hunters, Paranormal Investagtion teams and more recently several TV media companies.


Visit our store to see the latest equipment and deals and deals we have on offer.

Ghost hunting equipment shop


Full Spectrum G5 Lumix with Flood IR Flash

Images courtesy of A Richards (Dark Vale Investigators) shot using a G5 Lumix Converted to FULL SPECTRUM by Infraready.

When paired with our IR flood Illuminators OR dedicated invisible IR flood flash guns, excellent results can be yielded. Ideal for Paranormal research, ghost hunting or Ecological Surveys and even taking pictures of nocturnal wildlife such as bats or badgers.

Our equipment has been full tested in the field and we have many happy customers around the globe.

We offer a wide range of converted digital cameras, both full spectrum and infrared.

You can find our growing range of specialist modified compact, bridge and DSLRs.

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Ghost Hunting Camcorders and Equipment

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