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Deluxe Static Meter
Antenna and
On/Off Switch


Easy to Operate – Just fit a standard 9V battery
in place to activate the device and use the on / off
switch to active. The antenna can be extended
to increase / decrease sensitity


The Static LED Indicator
This will simply light / dim in the presence of
Positive or Negative Static Energy.


Adjustable Stand / Mount


The universal stand can be removed if you want to carry the device in your hand / pocket.


When fitted it can be used as a stand in various positions, upright, angled and lying flat.


This helps you to alight the device with your camcorder if using it as an isolated / unmanned trigger.



The stand also has a fixing hole for wall / ceiling mounting.


This device can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations
as static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood
of Paranormal presence is greater.


The device can be used during investigations as a trigger when activity is provoked
by the User, Medium or Séance. Calling techniques can be used to ask
present spirits to activate / deactivate the LED.


The Device has a convenient mounting socket that fits all standard tripods.
A mini tripod with rubber feet is supplied to help isolate the device from
where it is positioned to help increase the accuracy of readings.


Please see our other listings for our Long Range Temperature and Humidity Loggers that can be left in place to record data automatically
for days, weeks or even months before and after events.
This data can then be uploaded and viewed on PC.


30 day warranty included


Battery not included (1 x PP3) commonly available
in most shops.

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