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‘Eddy’ The Ghost Hunting Bear – KII EMF Detecting Trigger with Audio Output




‘Eddy’ The KII EMF Ghost Hunting Bear With 3.5mm Audio Output.

The Audio output can be used to connect a Speaker, Headphones or to record the Output to an EVP recorder**


KII EMF Bear built using genuine KII circuitry, approved by Keith Tupper, CEO of KII enterprises.

Eddy has Five large LEDS located in her body.  One of these is located in the front of Eddy to indicate when the Bear is switched on.  This LED also indicates the natural presence of the earths electro magnetic field.

Four further Coloured LEDs are located in Eddys arms and Legs.  As you would expect, these LEDs deflect with the increasing presence of electro magnetic activity, often relative to the spiritual activity. 

The LEDs rise from Green, through Yellow, Orange and Red.





Eddy the Bear has an on/off switch located at the rear and a Velcro enclosure to safely stow

away the 9v battery (Standard 9v block battery required, not provided).  To Install the battery, simply

open the Velcro closure on the back of the bear and clip your battery in place.  The Velcro can then be

sealed to conceal the battery and the On/Off switch can then be used to power the device without having

to remove the battery.


We sell two versions of the KII bear.  ‘Eddy’ is the advanced KII EMF bear that has the addition of a 3.5mm jack for audio output.  This adds the benefit of allowing Headphones or Speakers to be attached to the bear and listen to the EMF signal as an audible tone.


**EVP recorders with a ‘MIC Input’ can also be connected to the output using a 3.5mm male to male connecting lead.  We have a wide range of EVP recorders available if required.


‘Izzy’ the standard KII EMF bear can be purchased from our site, the difference being the absence of the audio output and in reflection a lower price.

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