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What is an EM PUMP???

The EM Pump is a popular device in the field of Paranormal Investigation.  These devices are used to enhance activity in areas that are known to be active.

An EM Pump generates turbulent Electro Magnetic Fields that can be seen by using an EMF meter such as the KII (See the gallery images).



Why use an EM PUMP???

Spirits and paranormal entities are comprised of energy.  The EM pump device emits a strong electromagnetic field into the surrounding area, acting as a beacon to draw spirits closer. The oscillating field also provides spirits with energy to feed off helping them to show a stronger presence and communicate more clearly.

The EM Pump often referred to as an EMF or Ghost Siren, Ghosts and Spirits by oscillating electromagnetic fields. Just like an audio siren is easy for the human ears to detect, the EM Pump will act as a beacon within the Electromagnetic Fields.



How does it work??

The EM Pump uses a DC motor to propel a magnet at high speed, forcing the natural magnetic fields into one that oscillates.

We use Neodymium Earth magnets to generate a superior output.  Using a KII meter (Not Included) will allow you to see deflection at distances of over 1 meter.  The EM filed continues to penetrate the environment to distances far beyond this.





On/off power switch

Hand Built, Solid Hard Plastic Construction.

Size: 80mm wide x 145mm long x 42mm deep

Rubber Feet to minimise vibration / slipping.

Hinged Battery Compartment

Long Duration Power – One or Two ‘D’ sized batteries required (Not Included / These are easy to find at your local shop or supermarket).  Using two batteries provides the same level of output but extends duration.  The additional weight also gives the device greater stability.

CAUTION!!!! This device is not a TOY, it contains a very strong magnet therefore: DO NOT use this in areas where medical equipment, pacemakers or any electronic devices that can be affected by strong magnetic fields or devices with magnetic strips like bank cards / door access cards.




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