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‘LeNnY’ – E-field Ghost Hunting Bear with +/- Static Field LED’s and Sound





Unlike other Bears ‘LeNnY’ can distinguish between positive and negative energy fields!!!


Rather than have LED’s that indicate the presence of static energy, LeNnY Bear will show a ‘Green’ LED if it senses an increase / positive charge and a ‘Red’ LED if the charge is negative /decrease.


This is a major advantage over devices that cant distinguish between the positive and negative fields.


LeNnY will also sound an alert when he senses positive energy fields








This device can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations as static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood of Paranormal presence is greater.


The device can be used during investigations as a trigger when activity is provoked  by the User, Medium or Séance. Calling techniques can be used to ask present spirits to activate / deactivate the LEDs.


Our Latest Range of Bears have been improved to Indicate Positive / Negative Energy Fields Independently.


We have also added a Velcro closure to the rear of the bear to neatly contain the circuitry.


Finally we have removed the bulky 12v external battery pack and have integrated a 9v adapter so that a smaller and lighter battery can be used that can be accommodated securely inside the device.


The Bear measures 8″ and is compact and portable.

Please note that colours / patterns may vary but the functionality of the Bears remains consistent.

If you require a custom built bear of a specific design or animal, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.


We also sell larger 16″ Bears in our shop.



Red LED indicates Negative field only

Green LED indicates Positive field only


Red / Green LEDs, both Positive and Negative fields are being sensed


The balanced field sensing circuitry is safely housed inside the bear.


The bear is powered by a common 9v battery, commonly available in most supermarkets and shops.


To Install the battery, simply open the Velcro closure on the back of the bear and clip your battery in place and unclip when not in use.


90 day warranty included

Battery not included (1 x PP3) commonly available in most shops.

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